5 Nigerian billionaire wives who look like teenagers (Photos)


What does billionaire wife look like? What is the good wife mean or wife acting like teenager?

There is a part of messy affluent billionaires who married too young women. And we are talking about Nigeria at the moment. Some of those women are the real queens of fashion and charm. Billionaire wives are also wonderful experts in the sphere of beauty. Although the age of people is a bit enormous, they are supposed to be happy together. Moreover, these people try to create a family bearing children. Billionaire wives lifestyle – what is it? And now we offer you to read about such example of billionaire wife teenager below:

Musa and Caroline Danjuma

Well, firstly, we would like to tell you about Musa and Caroline Danjuma. It should be noticed that they decided to connect their lives in 2014. This woman is a very talented and known among many people actress. Her age was 24, although the man was 54 years old. Nothing precluded them from creating a big family. They have three children. The pair keeps their names in secret, but we know there are two sons and a daughter.

Prince Sunny and Dabota Lawson Aku

Our attention was also paid to Prince Sunny and Dabota Lawson Aku. We are ready to share some facts with you. Maybe it seems strange, but this amazing family has also appeared in 2014. This beautiful woman attracted the Prince, who has been the billionaire. It should be mentioned that the age of the woman was for about 20 years old, while the prince was 50. Since their wedding, they stay happy together.

Odumegwu and Bianca Ojukwu

The third pair we would tell about is Odumegwu and Bianca Ojukwu. Unfortunately, there is no much information about them, because they prefer to keep the personal life in secret. The man is an ex-soldier and the woman is the queen of beauty. At the age of 22 and 50, they decided to create a family and did it without difficulties.

Aare Razak and Folashade Okoya

It is really surprisingly, but the other happy family appeared between a man, who was at the age of 74 and the woman who was 25 years old. They made a family last year, although the couple has four children. The wedding ceremony was very amazing.

Adams Oshiomole and Lara Cortez

5. And the last family we want to mention here consists of Adams Oshiomole and Lara Cortez. This new man’s wife is a famous model, who was twenty-nine years old when they married. And the man’s age was 63 and he is a governor. Their ceremony took place in Edo State and attracted press’s attention.