work from home jobs for moms

Being a mother is tough. You have to worry about the kids, tidy up the home and on top of it, contribute to the family income. Career women have to go through a lot of stress; having a professional job that takes the better part of your day can get you overly worked up. Usually, moms with a good number of children just stay home as full-time housewives and lazy around the house where nobody is around.

work from home jobs for moms

The problem with this is that eventually they would start feeling incomplete and unnecessarily idle or depressed. Some love it just fine but if you are not one of those moms that like staying at home for the most part of the day doing nothing or feel a need to contribute to the family finances; this is for you. Did you know you can work from home and earn a stable income? And you do not have to break the bank to start.

Here is a list of 5 simple work home jobs for moms.

  • Stay-home Nanny/ Day care services

This is, I would say, one of the most obvious jobs you could take on right at home as a mom. Usually, nannies are required to go to the homes of the parents or the family in need of the services of a nanny based on demand. However, where your friends or clients know you are a stay home mum, rather than have you come over, they could just drop their kids at your home and pay you a fee.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics projects the need for child day care services to increase by 15 percent from 2008 to 2018. Weekly earnings for such services averaged $345 in 2008, according to them. Your services would be high in demand during summer vacation and holidays but when school is in session you would probably not have as many clients. The benefits of being a stay-home nanny is that you get to take care of your kids and make some good cash in the process.

  • Virtual Tutor

A virtual tutor is somebody who offers real-time tutoring services. All virtual tutoring services will be conducted in the convenience of your own home on your computer using a tutoring platform interface with a student. You can provide tutoring services by sourcing for individual clients in need of help through referrals on small adverts or you could partner up with schools.

As long as you have a good degree or professional qualification that proves your knowledge in a particular field or area of study, getting tutoring jobs would not be so hard. Here, you keep yourself updated and in the know and so you would still be relevant in your field. Call it killing two birds with one stone.

  • Seamstress

A seamstress is simply a female tailor. Seamstresses sew and mend all types of clothing. Some go as far as creating their own patterns and becoming fashion designers themselves. For a stay-home mum that is good at sewing or knitting, this could also be a big source of finance. Rather than simply stitch and sew once in a while for your kids, you can become a full-time home seamstress.

‘Pay Scale’ has it that earnings for Tailor, Dressmaker, or Custom Sewers in the United States come in at around $14.46 per hour on average. As a seamstress, you could get independent clients through fliers and encouraging referrals or you could work for various sewing agencies around the US. Sewing is one of the top working home jobs for moms for good reasons- you make cool money without having to break the bank to get capital.

  • Translator/ Transcriptionist

A translator is someone who conveys material communicated in one language such as English into another language such as French or Spanish, without losing the literal meaning of the original work or piece. Transcription on the other hand involves listening to a recording of something and typing the contents up into a document, giving your client a written record of what’s on the recording.

Translating requires you to be bilingual; that is, you have to know at least two languages. So if you have lived in any other country or you happen to understand another language almost perfectly, well, being a translator would be a breeze. For transcription, all you have to know how to do well is type, and listen of course. You would be required to type audio notes and interview so your client can have a written form of it. These are great work from home jobs for moms to do at their spare time.

  • Blogging

Finally, it would be wrong if we skip blogging. There are so many blogs that are managed by stay-home moms that rake in major money daily. Mom Blog Society, A Mom’s Take, Mamavation, Lady and the Blog, The Mommy Files, Our Ordinary Life, Role Mommy, Mama’s Losin’ it and hundreds of others. From the above titles, you would see that the titles are related to regular mommy stuff.

Blogging is that straight-forward. Write about something you are good at, release quality, monetize it, and in no time you would have an empire running from the comfort of your home. It gives you a level of fame, you have that sense of responsibility and you have more than enough time to cater for the needs of your family. Blogging is one of the top work from home jobs for moms with a pay check that smiles. You are the boss of your home and your business- what is not to love.

Note that to make it big as a mommy blogger, you may need to add other services to your portfolio. For example, you may need to grow your social media, take great videos and start a YouTube channel to make it big here.

So you see, being a mom can be fun. You just have to be doing it the right way. If you can continue as a career woman and still maintain the home, then by all means do not quit.