Wife caught him cheating on her with another lady. But his answer took her aback


One woman returned home earlier than expected and caught her husband with a young girl.



Shocked and furious, she shouted at her husband:

“You bastard! How could you do this to the mother of your children, who’s always been loyal! I am filing for a divorce!”

But her husband calmly replied:

“If you give me a minute, hon, I’ll explain.”

Shocked by such arrogance, the woman replied:

“Go on, but that’s going to be the last thing you tell me!”

He began the story:

“After work, on my way to the car I saw an exhausted, dirty girl. She looked so helpless. After she told me she hadn’t been eating for 4 past days, I took her to our home. I gave her yesterday’s pasta you refused to eat not to put on weight. She was so hungry and ate everything in seconds!

Then, I suggested her to take a shower. I also decided to replace her dirty clothes, and so gave her your designer jeans you no longer wore as they were too tight.

I gave her the underwear I had presented on your birthday, but you never wore it. Then, I found that [email protected]:’y blouse my sister had sent you for Christmas, which you found funny.

And I also gave her your shoes that you had bought at the expensive boutique but never wore because your colleague had the same.

She was immensely grateful for help, and when leaving asked me, ‘Is there anything else your wife no longer uses?’”

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