Wenger and 4 other coaches who dumped their wives (photos)


The prayer of every man is to one day take his woman to the altar and be joined together in holy matrimony, but some marriages have collapsed and the consequences is expected to tell on the children.

Our major focus here are some football coaches who have also been joined together, but due to one or two circumstances, they are no more together.

Here we take a look at some of the coaches who have divorced their wives…

1. Arsene Wenger

wengerArsene Wenger and his divorced wife

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger is one of the top coaches who have parted ways with their wives. The tactician got married to Annie in 2010, but the marriage could not last before it collapsed in 2015 as the union was dissolved by the court of law.

The Arsenal boss gave no reason for him to part ways with Annie who now lives in her own apartment.

2. Jimbo Fisher

JimboJimbo Fisher and his former wife

Florida state University football coach Jimbo Fisher divorced his wife after 22 years of marriage.

Jimbo and Candi have been separated since May 2015 and there is no chance of reconciliation, though they are both blessed with two children.

3. Ryan Giggs

GiggsRyan Giggs and former wife

Ryan Giggs is another man who has divorced his wife when he was an assistant coach at Manchester United. Giggs and Stacey have been couple since 2002 and they are blessed with two children.

It was reported that Stacey accused the United player of flirting with a restaurant waitress and this deteriorated the relationship before both parted ways.

4. Chris Coleman

Chris Coleman (manager of Wales) and his new flame Sky Sports Presenter Charlotte Jackson
Chris Coleman (manager of Wales) and his new flame Sky Sports Presenter Charlotte Jackson

Their marriage turned into a nightmare after Chris ordered his wife and four children to leave his house as he was planning to bring another woman into the house.

Reports has it that Belinda has always been loyal to Chris and many claimed that the woman was not supposed to be treated the way Coleman did.

5. Brendan Rodgers

RodgersRodgers and his his flame wife

After 24 years of marriage, former Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers broke up with his wife Susan and the wife has even moved to Spain where she currently lives.

Susan-Rodgers former wife of Brendan Rodgers

Rodgers is reportedly to be currently living with Charlotte Searie who is a former travel organizer.