TV host and actor Von Apochi makes amazing recovery after being burnt in a car fire last year (Graphic Photos)


Gulder Ultimate Search Season 1 contestant, now TV host and actor Von Apochi narrowly escaped death’s clutches after his car caught fire March, 2015.

Check out these amazing new photos of the actor and his remarkable recovery after he was badly burnt in the tragic accident.

Von shared the pic and captioned it:

The accident had happened at about 4am on the fateful day as Von was on his way back from a quick strategy meeting. His car had hit a big block meant for constructing gutters along the lonely road beside the Harvey road cemetery; for those of you who are conversant with Lagos and the Yaba area. The block was placed by the side of the road instead of being placed in the gutter.
This crash caused an explosion, the fire started from the bonnet of Von’s car and consumed the car with him in it. Von ran out of the car into the lonely road with fire over his body, screaming, “Blood of Jesus” severally. He dove to the ground to roll but suddenly, the fire went out. At this moment he could not feel his face anymore, his hands were burnt black, his car was burnt totally.