Tinubu explains why Buhari accepted British prime minister’s “fantastically corrupt” statement



The leader of the All Progressives congress (APC) Bola Tinubu has given the reason why President Muhammadu Buhari accepted British prime minister, David Cameron’s statement that Nigeria is “fantastically corrupt”.

Speaking yesterday, May 20, in Abuja, the APC leader said Buhari’s honesty and integrity put him in check to accepting Cameron’s statement.

“Can you see an example of a man who went to G-8 and the British prime minister said Nigeria is fantastically corrupt, that is classically corrupt,” Tinubu said.

Tinubu also practically agreed with Cameron’s statement saying that while Nigerian are said to be corrupt, the Britain can also be said to be corrupt for aiding Nigerians invest the proceeds of the corrupt activities in their country,

“An honest man said, yes, you spoke the truth, we are corrupt but for God’s sake, it takes two to tango, the safe haven is here; this is where they run to after stealing the money, so therefore the money is here, please help us get the money,” he said.

He further added: “You see, that is the way to go. That is an honest man’s simple answer.”

On Tuesday, May 10, the British prime minister while discussing with the British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II said that Nigerians are “fantastically corrupt”.

Cameron said that Nigeria and Afghanistan are two most corrupt countries.

The prime minister’s made his comment just as the Nigerian president Muhammadu Buhari left Nigeria to attend the just concluded anti-corruption summit organised by the UK government.

However, since Cameron’s comment, the president has also said that he is interested in British government helping Nigeria to recovered it stolen funds stashed away in the UK.