All The Things That Happen When Your Boyfriend Is Your Boss (Photos)

Boyfriend Is Your Boss

1. When you come to the office together but still enter the office at different times.

Nobody can find out please!

2. When other girls in the office are talking about how handsome he is, you’re like.

Look at these ones oh!

3. When you have to pretend you don’t really care about him so people don’t start to suspect you.

Before they ask why you defend him so passionately.

4. When his ex comes to visit in the office you’re like:

This one wants to spoil your happy home!

5. When your ex comes to visit you in the office, you’re like:


6. When he starts talking about work stuff at home, you’re like:

Please leave work in the office oh!

7. When he shouts at you in front of everybody at the office, you’re like:

Who is this one talking to?

8. When HR sends another memo advising against relationships between senior and junior colleagues.

Mind your business, please.

9. When someone says he gives you preferential treatment, you’re like:

“I’m just very good at my job”

10. When you are out on a date and see one of your colleagues.

Nobody can find out!