Africans have the best sense of humour, don’t even argue! French-speaking comedian, Oscarine Mbikulu, popularly known as Tataosca, is proof.  She makes the funniest videos ever and here are some of them:

1. When you take the perfect selfie.

2. That time she dabbled into beat-boxing.

3. When you’re eating eba and your favourite trap song comes on:

4. That time she gave us her own cover of Adele’s Hello.

5. When she tried to get on a hoverboard.

6. That time she danced to Micheal Jackson’s Smooth Criminal.

7. That time she reminded us of that oversabi choir member in church.

Échauffement vocal.. Bientôt je deviens chanteuse lyrique @beyonce attention j'arrive ma cocotte ?

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