Status updates that would make your ex burn with jealousy (Photos)


Breakups are usually nasty; some relationships get broken amidst tears and pains. The affected people in some of these bad breakups hold grudges against each other for a long time. 

status update people put up when they are heartbroken

Some people are vengeful; they would always do things that would make their exes mad despite having gone separate ways. They enjoy the fact that they still have certain powers and authorities over them even though they are miles apart.

Depending on the level of maturity of the individuals that have separated, things may not be as bad as people think they would be if they handle things well. Some individuals believe they have the right to say whatever they want since they are no longer within the confines of a relationship.

They take to their social media pages and update their thoughts there as a way of reaching out to their exes. They know that their status updates would always be checked by the overzealous partners who enjoy stalking them.

Status updates like that could be hurtful if it is being read by the person it was written for. Updates like that would either make an ex cringe with jealousy or burn with anger. Whichever way, you can be sure it would evoke some emotional reaction in the aggrieved exes.

Find below some of the status updates you would see when people are trying to reach out to their exes:

1. Good riddance to bad rubbish

status update people put up when they are heartbroken

Some people could be so direct with the status updates they drop on their Whatsapp, BBM and Facebook pages. Whichever ex sees this kind of updates is bound to be more depressed. It is a message that would make anyone feel worthless no matter what led to the breakup.

Many people want their partners to show some sense of dependency when they break up as it would make them feel good. When they do not get the desired attention, it could be annoying.

2. I really do not care about you anymore

status update people put up when they are heartbroken

Indeed, some people have a little bit of growing up to do considering the way they handle breakups.

It is absurd passing a message to your ex via social media pages when you could have called him or her directly. Whether you think this is wrong or right, some people still do it.

Some put up blatant statements like these in order to hit their exes hard. It would work for whoever chooses to be bothered by them.

3. Blocking is for weaklings

Some people are smart, they anticipate their exes action and drop their status updates before they ever get to make that move.

They know they are most likely to get blocked and would do things that would make the ex reconsider. No one wants to be seen as a weakling anyway.

4. Sometimes you have to act like a fool to fool someone…

When your ex is trying to make you feel like your moves are weak, you would see an update like this.

They are only trying to make you feel stupid by telling you they did not play into your hands. Depending on the depth of what transpired between you two, you may not feel bad about it.

5. You folded your mat and I got rug instead

With this status update, your ex is telling you that he or she has moved on. This means that you had been a bad choice all along as they have finally met a better person.

Seeing this update could cause your anger to boil as you would be tempted to say something hurtful in turn. But you can guess how that is going to end.

6. Don’t be a woman that needs a man, be a woman a man needs

Many ladies put this up in order to motivate themselves. This status update is most likely to be seen when a woman is getting over a breakup.

This is more or less like a point of strength to her as she must have considered herself to be an asset and not a loss. Basically, people get better when they have a positive thought like this after a breakup. They become better individuals at the long run.

7. Heart closed until further notice

status update people put up when they are heartbroken

Many people in the society enjoy the attention they get from people when they put up an update like this one.

They want everyone to know they have been brokenhearted. They silently tell whoever broke their hearts that they are hurting and would not give other people the opportunity to mess with them.

There are several other updates people drop when they are going through an emotional tussle. What are the popular status updates you have seen? Kindly put them in the comment section.