snoop dog

American celebrity rapper Snoop Dog took to his IG page to celebrate Chierika Ukogu for her feat in the soon to be completed Rio Olympics.

The self sponsored Olympian, who competed in rowing, an event no Nigerian athlete had ever competed in had to, like several other Nigerian athletes set up a GoFundMe page to solicit for donations and sponsorship in order to participate in the Olympics.

Thing is Snoop Dogg goofed because Chierika did not win Silver medal in her event, but rather came out overall 20th.

Still yet, her determination to participate is admirable and making the finals is a feat on its own.

Nigeria is yet to with any medal in the ongoing competitions, and haven’t won’t any since 2008.

Still yet, we join Snoop Dogg to celebrate Chierika Ukogu, a Nigerian who dared to tread where no other Nigerian has.