See funny hairstyles Nigerian women rocked before brazilian weaves (Photos)

brazilian weaves

The head is treasured and respected because it is the center of body activity. A woman’s hair is her crowning glory and the way it is styled says a lot about her.

Way before Brazilian and Indian weaves took over, women took pride in braiding their natural into different styles. These styles were classified beautiful and anyone wearing it was highly fashionable. These days, anyone wearing this will probably be laughed at but the truth is back in the day, when the style reigned it was really beautiful. It showed a high level of creativity and skill in braiding.

Be ready to get nostalgic from seeing pictures of some of the hairstyles you rocked as a kid.

1. Who is in the garden


This hairstyle even had a nursery rhyme to it. Just as the name implies, the hair is divided into several portions, with a chunk of it being woven in the middle representing the middle of the “garden

2. Koroba

Koroba hairstyle

This was one of the popular ones back in the day. Koraba simply means bucket and the name bucket is attached to the hairstyle because it is styled like a bucket turned face down.

3. Patewo

Patewo hairstyle

This was reserved for the pretty girls and women. Patewo means clap and the hair was styled in a way that each section met at the middle. Hence, the clapping effect.

4. Police cap

Police cap

Styled like a police cap.

5. Shuku


Probably one of the most popular hairstyles of the old generation.

6. Two shuku (afro puffs)

Two shuku hairstyle

Just an extended version of the shuku hairstyle. Some people liked it double.

7. Coconut style

coconut style

This is didi, coconut hairstyle. Looks just like a coconut.