See The Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces In Australia (Disturbing Photos)


Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces

Young Australian mother miraculously gave birth on Thursday, May 8 to conjoined twins with two faces, two brains inside one skull and share one body.

Doctors had told Renee Young to terminate the pregnancy when they found out via an ultrasound that the twins they were expecting was one child with two symmetrical faces and two brains connected by the one brain stem but she and her partner, Simon Howie refused.

Renee and her partner welcomed their daughters named Faith and Hope, via an emergency caesarean at Blacktown Hospital last Thursday, six weeks before they were due.

Baby Born With 1 Head And 2 Faces

Conjoined twins and their mother

Born with a rare condition called diprosopus, which means they share the same body and vital organs but have their own faces and brains which are connected by only one brain stem, the girls have continued to surprise doctors with their exceptional progress as they are breathing perfectly on their own and feeding too.

Though they were born with one body, their parents have decided to call them twins.