Remorseful Pearl Chuks, Dencia’s Ex Employee Allegedly Writes From Jail


“I am writing from jail with tears in my eyes.I don’t know my faith but I know I want to be free but not at the expense of someone else’s heartache or career.I saw the blogs and I was angry at what was written even though it was true,Dencia promised she will not put this out but now I understand why she did.

What I am about to tell you, please you can write the story your way and say a source from the embassy in Cameroon told you because I will deny it and all.

I fell victim of men I wasn’t supposed to and I thought giving them money will make them love me and that they will return the money.As my Ex Abiola put out there that I was in a lesbian relationship with Dencia that is absolutely not true.When I first went to Dencia’s house in 2015 I stayed there with Dencia and  her boyfriend even though he left a few days before I left.

The love and care Dencia showed me even my parents have never done that to me my entire life.I gave my mom some money and my brother and my boyfriends,Dencia asked money before but I didn’t have so in turned her around until she forgot because she is very busy always doing something and she forgets a lot so I took advantage of that.Dencia helped me not go to jail in America because the police was ready to arrest me and I thought I was going home to Nigeria but we stopped in Cameroon and I was surprisingly arrested.

I had a ticket to Nigeria but honestly I didn’t know how I will face my parents, the disgrace is too much as Dencia told them everything about how I gave guys her money.Over the weekend my mom bribed the high commissioner who told me to lie and say Dencia took me to America to prostitute they said that is my only way out, I lied to the judge and I have never felt worst about myself.Dencia helped me and my whole family, Dencia changed my life but Stella I have to do what my mother and the commissioner says.My mom lied that I was kidnapped I was never kidnapped,when all this things happened instead Dencia was locking herself in her side of the house, sometimes making me stay outside when she and Susan left.

Dencia was very angry but she had calmed down until they lied about my kidnap.The only time Dencia hurt me was when she threw my phone at me when she saw messages of pictures of her I took and sent to my friend who likes her.The consulate and my mom are doing more than I expected.My mom has not come to visit me instead they are resorting to trying to lie,Stella I knew if my family pleaded with Dencia she will understand,she is a kind person who has helped me a lot.

The embassy even sneaked in a phone for me to talk to my mom.I am using a phone of a cellmate as they let some people have their phones.Please tell the story of the lies like someone from the embassy told you.I will like to get out of this situation, my life will never be the same but I can live with that but what I can’t live with is trying to destroy someone who genuinely helped me and my family I fell in the hands of the wrong men.I hope God forgives me.

Please I never sent you this email.Write it like a story someone from the embassy told you.I want the world to know I lied because it doesn’t change the fact that I have already bed. Disgraced, my dad only liked me after I started working for Dencia and making money, my mom started liking me more.Dencia is not my lesbian partner my Ex told that story, I spoke to him and I was angry. They even made me lie that I didn’t know Susan even though we me in Atl,stayed in the same hotel room, stayed at Dencia house, went to Dencia’s office with Susan almost everyday.

We barely saw Dencia because she has been going to the hospital a lot.Please don’t say I sent this it is almost 8AM we have court in 2hrs if you know anyone in Cameroon send them to the High court they will see me there”.

Pearl allegedly sent this mail to SDK