We Ranked The Celebrity Pranks On The Bigger Friday Show (Videos)


First and foremost, shout out to whoever thought it was a great idea to bring the big Punk’d TV show to Nigeria because it’s hilarious to watch honestly.

We sat down to watch celebrity pranks on MTV Base’s Africa Bigger Friday show and we rated them from meh to calm to ticked off, to mad and then to boiling point and well, here’s it!

1. Davido – Boiling Point

Nah Davido would have beat the shit out of those actors if they didn’t end the prank when they did.

2. Seyi Shay – Mad

Bruh. Seyi Shay was ready to fight to be quite honest.

3. Yung L – Mad

Wasn’t the best prank, but his reaction made it worth it.

4. Maria Okan – Mad

It was so intense to be quite honest. I won’t blame her because food hygiene and bad customer service is a no no for me but man, she was mad.

5. Ayo Jay – Mad

His prank may have been the most surprising one for me because well, it was just unexpected.

6. Kiss Daniel – Ticked off 

I have major respect for Kiss Daniel after watching this because see, he was so calm and well, ticked off a little. But calm for the stunt they pulled on him honestly.

7. Lola Rae – Calm

Lola Rae just stood there looking beautiful and calm too. Such a babe.

8. Emma Nyra – Calm

Emma Nyra was actually laughing through it.

9. JJC – Calm

I died when he started dancing but he was quite calm, and they need to stop with the bashing car prank too.

10.Dija – Meh

This was quite boring to watch, to say but the least

11. Orezi – Meh

Even more meh

12. Shaydee – Meh

To be honest, it was very meh.

Hopefully, we get to watch more pranks soonest. Can’t wait! While you’re at it, here are the local TV shows you should be watching now.