Peter Okoye spills more messy details of P-Square fight (video)



Peter Okoye is not happy with the way people perceive him as a dancer and a talkative.

One of the P-Square brothers of Peter and Paul now known as Mr P said it hurts that people look at him and see him as a mere dancer when he was actually the creative one in P-Square. He made this emotional statement to HipTv saying;

“During P-Square, I was the one doing the whole structure, trying to get things properly done. I have been a creative person and I haven’t stopped. I am a very creative person but people still look at me as a dancer. It hurts but at the end of the day I still remain a creative person.”

File photo of the Okoye brothers - Peter, Paul and Jude.

File photo of the Okoye brothers – Peter, Paul and Jude.

He emphasized on his going solo when he said: “Now that I’m on my own, I will do what I have always wanted. I was limited before but now I’m good.”

Pete was the first person that came out with the true situation of P-Square but he believed people see him as being a talkative. He said: “People believe I talk too much but I tell them the truth. If I do not you guys will never know the truth. Whether they like it or not I still remain the guy that will always tell them the truth.”

When asked if he will sign in artists to his new label P Classic Peter said: “You know I wanted structure and that is what I’m doing at the moment that’s why Papi J is with me. He has always been there when I wanted structure. I will not sign any artist until I have a structure. I’m almost done with it though maybe by the end of the year.”

Peter parted ways with his twin brother Paul and their elder brother Jude who was managing the duo in February 2016.

Watch the explosive interview below: