If Your Office Is Full Of Serious People, This Is For You (Photos)

Serious People

1. When you walk into the office and everybody is just frowning.

Who beat you?

2. When you crack a joke and nobody laughs.

Are you people sure you are not made of stone?

3. When you’re trying to be friendly and your colleagues complain you’re too friendly.

If you people are happy will you die?

4. When because of ordinary joke someone goes to report you to your department head.

Okay oh!

5. When someone suggests the 1 hour lunch break is too long and 30 minutes would be better.

Please efficient Eddy, eho asked you?

6. When your other colleagues agree with the oversabi.

These ones are all crazy!

7. When everyone in your office is extra with the dress code.

In this heat, you are wearing jacket and waistcoat? Na wa.

8. When you see your boss coming, you’re like:

The most serious of them all.

9. When you know annual review is coming, you’re like:

Every year they say you are not serious enough!