You should never give a woman these 7 compliments if you love yourself


Compliments are awesome. It’s a great way to start conversations and reduce anxiety about communicating.

But just how do you go about giving a compliment?

There are some compliments that sound more like an insult and they make you want to respond in a rude way. You’re not sure if the person is giving a compliment or trying to take a swipe at you.

You know the kind of compliment that you just politely say ‘thank you’ while your brain is silently insulting the person.

You probably think whatever you said was completely innocent, but they are likely to be interpreted the wrong way.

Here are some compliments women find annoying.

1. Wow! I had no idea you were this smart (Uhhh, so I look stupid?): What you’re really saying here is that everything else she has said or done was stupid and this is the first time she’s exhibited smartness. So you’ve been secretly calling her dumb and stupid?

worst compliments

2. So you can cook, you don’t look like someone that can cook: What does that even mean. Are you trying to say there’s a sign post on her forehead with the inscription, ‘I can’t cook’?

3. You look like you’ve adding weight, that extra weight looks good on you: Just leave anything that has to do with weight alone. She could misinterpret your statement to mean she wasn’t attractive before adding weight.


4. Did you lose weight, you look better than before: Once again. Anything that has to do with weight should be avoided. Just because she lost weight and looks amazing, does not make it okay to mention it. Insulting her past self isn’t a compliment to her current self, because she’s one and the same person.

5. You have childbearing hips, your hips are to die for, and what did you do to make it wide: Stay away from physical attributes that might make the other person uncomfortable. You should know that mentioning a woman’s hips in any context is unacceptable. Though, it depends on who is complimenting the hips. For example if your boyfriend says you have nice hips, you would take it as a compliment, but if a stranger came up to you on the street and says something about your hips, you wouldn’t find it funny. It just comes out like you’re trying to get laid.

Worst compliments

6. You look fabulous for your age: How about you say she looks fabulous and leave it at that? What does that mean? I look great because I don’t look my age? Is looking my age a bad thing?

7. Anything that ends with for a …: “You’re really smart for a girl”, you’re really pretty for a dark girl and the likes.

Compliments are a double-edged sword. Use them effectively and you’ll score some points. Use them poorly and you’ll lose more points.

But really, what are people thinking when they say some of these things?