Nawa o! See what politicians have turned Nigerians into (photos)


A concerned blog reader has captured moments when both police officials and civilians got into a brawl over gifts from a politician in Anambra state.

Read the mail as sent to Laila Ijeoma below:


”Hello Laila,
Few days ago, I attended a function at Anambra State with my dad and Midway through the programe, my Dad informed me that we are leaving the function to attend a birthday party in another part of town. When we got to the party. I discovered it was a politician named Victor Oye who was celebrating his birthday party. The whole place was buzzing with politicians and policemen.

After a boring while, I was pressed so i stood up and went to where I presumed was the back yard to relieve my self and I literally walked into world war 3. There was commotion and pandemonium. I saw armed policemen dragging for items with civilian. I later was made to understand that some politicians brought the gifts to share to the people but the police hoarded the gifts and when some party faithfuls saw the stack. They ignored threats from the armed policemen and stormed the place and started grabbing the hidden items stolen by the policemen. At the end of the day, Some people were wounded while many were trampled. Its unfortunate what hunger can make people do.”

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Nawa o!