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By Lola Phillips… Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have an affair? Not just an affair, but one that is more forbidden because of the situation.

sex position

Debby is currently riding her best friend’s fiance’s D.!ck every week and she does not know how to stop. She can tell you how the whole thing began and how far she has come though.

“This was not something I planned. In fact, when I first met Dele, I was not even attracted to him.

“They dated for a year and we had no incidents. I was friendly enough with him anytime our paths crossed, but mostly, I never even thought about him. I just saw him as Bola’s man and kept my distance.

“Three months ago, he proposed, she said yes and they started planning their wedding. Since I was into fashion design, Bola informed me that I will be in charge of creating a matching outfit they will both wear on the wedding day.

“I was excited and I promised myself to do a good job and make her proud. I was still a newbie in the business but I understood that if I made something amazing and they wore it in front of thousands of guests, I can actually get myself new clients.

“The day Bola and Dele were supposed to visit my store to have their measurements taken, Dele was unable to take the day off work.

It was decided that Bola would come by in the morning while Dele would come in after work.

“Things went well with Bola. I got the info I needed for her dress and she went off to deal with other wedding plans.

“Dele came in at about 6 pm. My two apprentices had already gone home for the day so it was just me at the store. I chose to wait for him so he wouldn’t be disappointed.

‘I am so sorry I’m late,’ he said breathlessly as soon as he entered the store.

‘It’s no problem,’ I shrugged off his excuses with a smile. ‘Shall we begin?’

“We worked in silence. I got the measurement for his upper body without much qualms. Soon, it was time to measure for the inner seam of his trousers.

“I traced the tape measured starting from the top of his inner thigh down to his shoes. Something caught my attention when I attempted to double check my work.

“My hands brushed against his groin and I felt hardness. It was uncomfortable to see him react to me this way. I looked up from my work and my eyes caught his.

“I could see desire in them. He cleared his throat and looked away, but from then on I started to think of him [email protected]:’ually.

“Two weeks after that, he gave me a call one day asking to meet with me because he wants me to make his groomsmen’s outfit. He came over and we spent some time talking about his preferences.

‘I think we should talk about the other day,’ he said to me.

‘What other day?’ I tried to feign ignorance even though I knew exactly what he was talking about.

‘I know you noticed my … ermm… reaction when you touched me.’

“I said nothing. I was not sure what to say.

‘You can’t blame me, You are a very pretty girl, Debby.’

“I smiled, trying to avoid his eyes, ‘thank you’

‘Just looking at you now, I am already responding.’

“I pretended not to know what he was talking about. I couldn’t help myself, however, as my gaze found his groin area and I could see his hardness through his trousers.

“Things got really awkward and he eventually left.

“The next day, he sent me a text asking how I was doing. It was not long before we started texting back and forth. We got quite close and I had no problems talking to him about anything.

“Sometimes, he came to my store to spend some time. Things were friendly at first but I missed having that kind of attention. I was a single woman and he seemed to really care for me.

He’d often buy me nice things and checked on me from time to time. We talked about everything.

“I started to develop feelings for him. One day, while he was visiting me at my store after work, things got heated. He brought me a really pretty bracelet and I gave him a hug.

“Soon we started kissing. The kissing became even more passionate as he lifted me off the floor and rested me against a wall.

“No words were said when he lifted my dress and began F%%king me hard. It felt too good. For those few minutes, I forgot about my best friend. I was lost in the moment.

“Since then, F%%king him became the highlight of my week.

“He’s going come over this Tuesday after work and we will F%%k.

“We have never talked about what having [email protected]:’ meant and what we were doing in general, though.

“He is working down the aisle with my best friend next week and I have no intention of giving up his D.!ck.”

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