MUST SEE: Naija MALE celebs who were caught kissing each other in public (photos)

Naija MALE celebs who were caught kissing

We can wrap our heads around lovers kissing but when Nigerian celebs decide to shock us by sharing a kiss publicly with other celebs? Let’s just say, the jaw dropping is going to be hard and long.

Kissing is an intimate act, mostly between lovers. These celebrities coming together and kissing publicly is an indication of love shared or friends fooling around or maybe a scene for a music video. While some of them together are cute and maybe them hooking up wont be the worst idea on the planet, others are just outright terrifying.

Check out some Nigerian celebrities lip/tongue locking.

Charlie boy and Derenle Edun


This duo are either making us cringe in fear of their latest outfit and make-up frenzy or  in this case, making us scream in our heads! These two just hit a new level of weird and awkward.

Burna boy and Cynthia Morgan

burna boy and ynthia morgan

We love Burna and Cynthia and luckily this was for a music video or so they will have us believe?

Phyno and Kcee


Man of the year or is it now “men of the year?” This photo had us asking a million and one questions but luckily the G-word was not activated upon this singular act of buddies exchanging pleasantries.

Flavour and Chidinma

flavour and chidinma

We always love us some Flavour and this picture is the perfect excuse why these two should get together. Just look how cute they are lip locking.