8 Qualities Of A Desperate Husband/Boyfriend Snatcher


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It’s very shameful that some ladies are always agitating to possess the possession of another lady, and they do all sort of things just to reap where they did not sow. Their excessive desire is not only limited to money, clothing and material things, but also other ladies’ husbands/boyfriends.

Some of them are so lazy and greedy that they device illicit means to corner another woman’s husband/boyfriend into their bedrooms.

Let’s discuss the qualities of a desperate husband/boyfriend snatcher.

1. Indecent form of dressing

Ladies dress indecently not because they feel good in it, but to create unnecessary attention. These ladies dress seductively to attract the best of “chairmen” whether married or unmarried. In fact, some of them will dress immorally to the house of God and will occupy the front seat just to confuse the anointed man of God. I feel ladies need to step up their game so their lovers will not be lost to the ferocious activities of these daughters of Jezebel.

2. Act of promiscuity

One of the main qualities of a husband snatcher is her promiscuous lifestyle. When the boyfriend of their friend comes visiting, that’s when you see them walking here and there; forming Behind babe just to be noticed.

3. Heavy make up

No doubt, make-up beautify our ladies but the level to which some ladies take it calls for deliverance. Some ladies don’t even know that these things have side effects on their body. Some of them will even resort to bleach but the most annoying thing is that black knuckles won’t save them. To a broad view, ladies who apply make-up excessively and bleach their skins do so just to enhance their beauty just to attract engaged men

4. They Condemn Their Friend’s Boyfriend

One of the qualities of husband/boyfriend snatcher is that they always find something to complain about their friend’s boyfriend; na dem go know if the guy dey stingy or unromantic; they will be the ones that will report to their friends that their boyfriends were spotted in a hotel with another babe. This is done with the intention of discouraging their friends from dating him so that they will take possession.

5. Exposure to several positions of sex

Husband snatchers know that most men like ladies who are professionals in bed. Therefore, they watch mojo and learn all sort of love making positions so that when they make love to a guy, the guy will not even think twice before dumping his wife/girlfriend. Let’s be frank here, it will be difficult for some guys to remain committed to their gf who satisfy them in one way traffic style whereas an aggressive snatcher offers several mind blowing positions.

6. Place of hanging out

Some of them are usually spotted at club house, bars, eateries and pepper soup joint. They will strategically locate themselves in these places just to crave attention of well to do men. Some even deliberately walk beside a guy and fall just to get his full attention. That reminds me of tosyne2much’s fairytale at Chicken Republic when an unidentified runs girl followed this handsome young man into the toilet and attempted To Molest him. If not for God’s intervention, he would have died of marathon sex after which Lalasticlala will push his topic to the FP.

7. They are Liars and Pretenders

One cannot deny the fact a lady who is desperate to snatch her friend’s boyfriend will compromise and manipulate her way to his heart. They tend to display good behaviour under the canopy of pretence and cook lies just for married men to see them as their missing ribs.

8. They Patronize Native Doctors

Some of them are regular patronizers of native doctors. They however seek native doctors for charm so that they will be irresistible to their target. This is why guys need to be careful and mindful of how they use their joystick so that they will not fall for these daughters of Jezebel.