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By Lola Phillips… We both crashed on the bed with our clothes on. Martha and I discussed quietly about our night out and it seemed she'd had a lot to drink…

I was excited. I had never spent the night outside my home and was about to have my first sleepover. It was my first week at the University and I have finally escaped the tentacles of my overprotective parents.

I have been ‘the good girl’ for so many years, but I was finally ready to spread my wings. I was excited about the freedom I was about to encounter. The first week at school was pretty dull. By Friday, I was ready to be out of campus.

“Babe, I am heading to your place now,” I said as I phoned Martha at about 6:30pm when I boarded a bus.

“See you soon. Can’t wait,” she replied.

I arrived at Martha’s around 7:30. She was so excited to see me. We stayed up exchanging gists until pretty late. Her boyfriend, Dan, who lived pretty close, gave her a call at about 11pm and offered to take us out for quick drinks. I was really excited.

We met Dan at the bar, 10 minutes later. He ordered a few beers for our table and we had a pretty good time, talking and teasing each other. Dan was a nice guy, and seemed to be really interesting.

He worked at an advertising agency and had a lot of fun stories to share. Suffice it to say that I enjoyed his company very much. By the time Dan dropped Martha and I off at her place, it was after midnight, and I was exhausted.

We both crashed on the bed with our clothes on. Martha and I discussed quietly about our night out and it seemed she had had a bit much to drink, because, soon she could not stop talking about how great Dan was.

“Girl, he is so f**king good in bed. When he gets in my pussy, I totally lose my mind,” Martha slurred.

“Hmm… sounds nice. But I wouldn’t know what that feels like,” I said to her, smiling.

“What do you mean you… oh, but of course, you have not been f**ked yet,” she said, adding a little snigger for effect.

“Well… you know how it is at home. I never really had the opportunity.

“You have no idea what you are missing, babe.  When a guy gets you good, you will never stop wanting to f**k.

“Really, what do you mean ‘gets me good’?“ I was truly curious now so I sat up on the bed.

“I honestly cannot explain it.  He can start by kissing you like… like…” She did not finish her sentence, but paused, sat up on the bed too and reached to put her lips on mine.

I hesitated a little, but she smelled so good at that time that I honestly did not know when I opened up and let her kiss me.

We kissed for the longest time. She wrapped her hand around my waist and I could feel my body getting hot in response. My N!pps were hard and pierced against my shirt and my pussy was throbbing.

I was wide awake and hungry for more. She tried to move away but I held on to her tighter and kissed her even harder. I felt her [email protected]$ts against my chest and I knew I wanted her at that point.

“What else does Dan do to you?” I mumble against her lips.

She cleared her throat, “He… he… touches my [email protected]$ts…like this.”

She led my hand to her [email protected]$ts. I took the initiative and went for her N!pps with my thumb and forefinger.

“Ahhhh…” she moaned, “Yes…”

I gave her second boob the same attention and she threw her head back in pleasure.

“Tell me, tell me how Dan pleases you,” I urged, feeling my breath get heavier.

“Please don’t stop… please.,. ohhhh…” she moaned some more.

I guided her so she laid down on the bed and I straddled her. I took her top off and had my fill of her beautiful [email protected]$ts.

I have always thought Martha was an attractive girl; with perky, round boobs and a beautiful oval face.

I knew guys would probably fall over themselves trying to win her. I never once imagined I would one day have her writhing in pleasure underneath me.

But then, I also never imagined that my first time will be with a woman. It was definitely a night of surprises.

I reached in to kiss her [email protected]$ts and tease her N!pps with my tongue. Her N!pps got even harder as my wet tongue teased her.

I gently grabbed her boobs as I worked her up with my mouth. She was grabbing my hair and biting her lips so hard I feared she would injure herself.

Lola… oh Lola… that feels so good… Please don’t stop… My pussy is so wet… f**k, I want more,” she pleaded in between frantic moans.

I was curious. Very curious. I wanted to see what Martha’s wet pussy looked like. So I gently reached down, pulled up her skirt and pulled down her black, silk panties. She immediately brought her knees up and spread them apart.

“Lola, eat me. Eat this pussy, please…” I really wanted to please her, but at this point, I had no idea what was doing.

I could feel myself really wet, too. So an idea occurred to me. I stood up, took off my clothes, laid down, with my own legs spread.

I said, “show me how you want me to eat you.”

She moaned in frustration, but being a good, selfless sport, she gently arranged herself over me.

She kissed my inner thighs and I could feel my body go on fire. She slowly made her way between my legs and towards my pussy.

I could literally feel the juice dripping down to the bed the closer she got. Now I understood her frustration when I stopped.

She got to my pussy and guided her tongue in. I just about scream from the pleasurable shock. Using one hand, she parted my pussy and slipped a finger in. At a point, she had two of her fingers and her tongue on me.

“Oh! My! God!” I screamed each word this time as she ate that pussy. All my body began to clench, I started to breath faster and I felt like I was about to explode.

“Cum for me baby, I want your juice in my mouth, cum, baby,” Martha urged me on.

Her words were my undoing. I let go and I felt my whole body shudder as I rode the wave of extreme pleasure until I literally felt like I had no breath left.

“Now, my turn” Martha said.

Before I could recover from the out-of-this-world experience I just felt, Martha pushed herself up so she was literally sitting on my face.

“Bring out your tongue, Lola, I want you to tongue-f**k this nasty cunt”

I did as she said. I brought out my tongue and she started grinding against it. She brought her fingers low to her clitoris and began touching herself as she rode my mouth.

It was such a turn on to watch her go. I could hardly see her face because her pussy was all over mine, and that excited me even more.

The smell of her, the taste, the sound she made, I felt myself close to that brink once again. It seemed Martha was feeling the same because she began to ride my face even more frantically, like a woman deranged.

I held on to her thighs and she let go of a very loud [email protected]$mic moan. “Fuuuucccccck!!!!!!!!” she screamed.

I shared the moment with her as I let go seconds after she did. She collapsed on the bed beside me.

“f**k it!” She  again. “Damn, that was really good.”

I smiled back in agreement. I closed my eyes and let the exhaustion sweep me away.