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By Lola Phillips… I met my hunk through Instagram. He liked a photo of a friend and his handle caught my attention – Funkyhunk9837.

Sexy man

Not for any particular reason really, but I was always looking to meet new people so I clicked. I was rewarded for my curiosity with some amazingly ‘hunky’ photos.

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His Instagram page was filled with steamy shirtless photos of him, or with tight tops that left little to the imagination. His shoulders and chest looked hard and [email protected]:’y. I literally found myself drooling at the sight of a few.

For about a week after discovering my funky hunk, I did not follow him. A few times a day, I would take out my phone, and feast my eyes with photos of him.

I’d lick my lips and dream of running my finger down his hard chest. I gazed longingly at his v-line and bite my bottom lip with desire, curious about what was at the end.

Most of his photos showcased him showing off that [email protected]:’y line that I bet led to more amazingness beneath his shorts. I longed for him, and I cannot explain why.

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He did not have the most attractive looks, but from the neck down, my pu$$y heated up at what I saw. Sometimes, I catch glimpses of his hard nipples and it was all I could do not to fall in my phone and give them a bite.

One night, while lying in bed and dressed in nothing but my panties, I gave in to the urge to take my desire for my secret crush to a whole new level.

I picked one of my favourite photos of him. In it he was lying in bed, wearing nothing but a light blue pair of shorts. His looked relaxed and as always, [email protected]:’y.

The light was not too bright, but bright enough for me to notice the outline of his chest, down to his waist. I can clearly see the hint of the hair starting from his bellybutton down into his shorts.

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His face was not even in the photo at all, all that attracted me was his nipples, which always looked perpetually hard, and his abs. God, how I long to give him a stroke.

I closed my eyes and with one hand, set out to rubbing my breasts. I thought of my mystery hunk… his hands on me.

I thought of him kissing my neck and telling me how [email protected]:’y he found me. I thought of him lavishing kisses and sweet words down my neck to my nipples. As these thoughts ran through my mind, I stroked my already hardening nipples.

I touched both nipples until they were so hard, they literally poked my hands. I moaned “that feels good, baby” to the empty room.

My hunk was touching me exactly the way I liked and I could almost feel him in the room with me.

With one hand, I gently made my way down my belly to my inner thighs.  By this time, the scent of my pu$$y juice had taken over my room.

I am not sure why, but catching a whiff of my arousal turned me on even more. I took off my panties and began stroking my inner thighs gently so my pu$$y will have some time to get ready.

I wondered if my hunk would stroke me this way, too.

I wonder if he’d find my pu$$y arousing and what his cock would do to me when I spread my legs wide to get F%%ked.

With my other hand on my boobs, I slowly made my way to my already dripping pu$$y. I massaged the top for a bit, then slipped a finger right into the wetness.

My finger was soaked with so much juice that it was slippery in seconds. I rubbed my wet finger around the outer part of my pu$$y, near my clit. I rubbed as I teased my nipples and tried not to scream with pleasure.

I wanted my hunk so bad. I wanted him to come into the room, grab hold of his big cock and make me beg for it.

I wanted him to spread my legs far apart and enter me, and make my world rock. Thinking about this, I slipped two fingers into my pu$$y and started F%%king myself in earnest.

My back arched in response and my head leaned back. I closed my eyes as I F%%ked myself and pleased my aching desire.

“Make me cum! Make me cum!” I groaned to no one but my imaginary hunk.  I felt myself close to my climax.

My toes curled up and my legs were literally shaking with need. I slipped a third finger in, gave myself one last, deep finger thrust as I ejaculated all over my hands and my bed.

As, I lay there trying to catch my breath, I knew I have found my next lay. I will have my hunk’s cock in my mouth soon enough, I thought, as I picked up my phone and clicked the ‘follow’ button.