By Lola Phillips… She did not notice as I crept into the living room. Her door was unlocked and I could hear her singing as she kept busy in the kitchen.

Seductive Pose

My neighbour does not have the best singing voice but I know that her body was banging. I have spent many hours fantasizing about her and her [email protected]:’y body. Her [email protected]$ts were big and her ass was to die for.

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She only moved into the opposite building a month ago and I noticed her almost immediately. Every morning, as soon as she woke, she would stand by the window, where she was totally and completely visible to me.

She would take off her clothes until she was completely naked, then change into a pair of shorts and tank top before her daily run.

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The first time I noticed this, I hid in a corner of my own window and watch intently as she changed.

Soon, I became more brazen about it. I think she knows that people can actually see her. I would stand at the window and watch as she changed.

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She often pretended that she did not notice her open window; but I was almost sure she got off on knowing she was being watched.

It was not long before I started grabbing my dick and giving myself a chance as I watched her. Even if she looked across at me, she will not notice I was jerking off to those [email protected], but I bet she knew she had a daily audience. It worked pretty well.

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So, what was I doing at her home right now?

Well, this morning, as she changed, she took a lot longer wearing her clothes, so this meant her [email protected] were for my viewing pleasure for longer than usual.

Where she normally gazes far away during the session, today, and her eyes met mine. I was so engrossed in grabbing my dick that I did not quickly notice.

When, eventually, I did, I was too close to [email protected]$m that I could not look away. She gave me a knowing smile and disappeared from my view.

I could not tell you what gave me the nerve to invade her home. But a part of me knew she was attracted to me and got off on our morning sessions.

Now, as I gently walked into the kitchen, I felt myself become very nervous. I considered walking away but the sight of her, in a simple white shirt, bending over the kitchen sink, was too good to pass up.

I decided to risk it all and moved closer. She had headphones on so she did not hear me until I lightly touched her waist.

She turned around. Her shock turned into a light smile as she turned her back on me again. She took out her headphones, and did away with her shirt.

She was naked underneath. Completely naked and [email protected]:’y as hell.

“Do it,” she said. She grabbed on to the sink. I tried to kiss her neck to ease into the process.

“I said, fuck me,” she said again. I took this to mean no kissing. The sight of her bent over already had me rock hard.

I slipped out my dick, grabbed her by the ass and entered her tight wetness. I fucked her against the kitchen sink and felt her cum against my dick.

The smell of her pussy and whatever it was she was cooking was making me heady. I fucked her tight little cunt and soon felt my [email protected]$m looming. I wrapped my hands around her waist and held her tighter as I completely let myself go.

After a couple of seconds in which she tried to catch her breath, she said, “Go.”

I obeyed. I pulled up my pants and headed for the door. Then I hear her whisper, “Come back tomorrow, same time, same venue.”

I just smiled.