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When A Lagos Boy Is Toasting You

1. How he approaches you:

cat walk

Full of swagger and confidence!

2. When he sees you in public, he’s like:


“Baby girl how far?”

3. When you say you’re not interested, he’s like:

nod black man

“That’s what they all say at first.”

4. When you say you have a boyfriend, he’s like:

obama laugh

“And so what?”

5. When he tells you he has never met a girl like you.

Phaedra Parks rolls eyes

Lie lie!

6. How he plans all the messages he sends to you:

math calculation

Which one will be the most effective?

7. How he is around other girls:


His eye cannot stay in one place!

8. His preferred look when he is coming to confuse you:

Noble Igwe

White trad gang!

9. When he reaches his final form.

When A Lagos Boy Is Toasting You

Now you are really in trouble!

10. When he is trying to convince you he loves you.

Please Beg begging

After 2 whole weeks abi?

11. When you start responding positively to his advances and he starts behaving like you are disturbing him.

When A Lagos Boy Is Toasting You

Is this one okay at all?

12. When you find out most of his lifestyle is packaging.


Hayyyyyyy see something!

13. When you meet his girlfriend and realise you were being interviewed for side chick work.


Wow! Is this life?