Well, we all know John Terry, the captain of London’s most successful football club Chelsea FC.

Yes I said ‘London’s most successful football club’. Arsenal fans please don’t lynch me for waxing lyrical all over my favorite team. Just understand for today okay? Or rather, juts get a Champion’s League trophy first okay?

john terryImage: Daily Express

Now Terry’s dad, Ted Terry, 61, is making all the headlines after hooking up with mum-of-three Evelyn Minkey, 39. Minkey also happens to be a Kenyan living in the UK.

ted evelyn terryImage: Daily Mail

The two were former neighbors before they started dating. It’s reported that Terry’s dad does fatherly duties for Evelyn’s kids and even takes them to school.

ted kidsImage: independent.co.uk 

Evelyn has also been photographed clutching a pregnancy test kit, meaning that John Terry might soon have a Kenyan bro. WOW!!!

Evelyn is still married but is said to be getting divorced from husband Stefan, 42, soon.

A few months ago, Ted and Evelyn’s husband Stefan allegedly came to blows at Evelyn’s family home and police had to be called. No one was arrested. When approached to shed more light on the relationship by the media, Ted said: “Just go away. Leave it yeah.” Let’s hope the divorce ends well.