Tuesday, January 25, 2022

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    I am Scared, My Fiancee And Her Mum Treats Her Father Like a Houseboy – Please Advice

    Hello All,

    Please I want people to help me out here. I proposed to my girlfriend of 8 months last 2 week and we agreed to visit her home last Sunday. I have always dropped her off around the place but I have never entered the house because I wasn’t yet ready to meet the parent because we were just dating then and I wasn’t yet sure that she was the one for me.

    Meanwhile all these while, My girl was only referring to her mum so I subconsciously concluded that the father is late. So last Sunday, I got to their house at Agege pen Cinema and what I saw was very sad. I saw a man looking so haggard in the sitting room and I greeted him, He answered in a very low tone and welcomed me.

    My girls mum soon came out to the sitting room and also greeted me. We exchanged pleasantries before my girl came out to join us in the discuss. At a point my girls mum brought out money and asked the haggard man to go and buy fuel so that generator for me so that Heat will not disturb me.

    We discussed at length after the man left. To cut the long story short, After the meeting we fixed another date for the second meeting that I was supposed to attend with a family member. When I was about leaving, I gave them some money and some to the man and he fell on his knees thanking me as if he has never owned N1000 in his entire life. When my girl was seeing me off, I asked her who the man was and lo and behold, it was her father. I couldn’t believe my ears. it was like a rude joke. it was unbelievable.

    She must has sensed my confusion before she started telling me stories of how the man maltreated her mum when he had money, how he married another wife who squandered all his money and left them in penury. She said he used to beat her mum and all sorts which I cannot write here.

    Since that Sunday till now, I have no peace< i was thinking and imagining how a right thinking woman and her daughter can comfortably relegate the man of the house to a mere houseboy. That Sunday, the man was wearing a torn knicker and a white singlet that i wont even use to clean my car. Even my wife to be hushed him down when he came back and wanted to keep the fuel change to himself. Something is wrong somewhere A woman who could treat her husband like this no matter what he did in the past is scary. I have not even picked her call since that Sunday evening.

    I am scared and I don’t know what to do next.

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