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Making money is the very essence of all we do as humans. Our entire life is governed by the desire to accumulate wealth or simply establish a means of livelihood and sustenance. Right from out conception to now, we have been trained with a money consciousness and the rest of our lives are dependent on it. Hence, we go to school, study specific professional courses and use those degrees to secure monotonous jobs and ultimately continue in our stereotyped approach to money making.

get paid to

However, making money should be seen more like an art and should not exert as much pressure as it does on us. The main problem is that, many times, we are stuck in a profession we chose in our earlier years and not what we would rather get paid to do now. The best way to obtain a good trade off, is to make money by doing our hobbies. In essence, whether it would be used as a side gig or a principal source of income, there are many ways to get paid to do what you love. Here is a list of 5 regular hobbies and how you can get paid to do them.

  • Singing


Singing is one of the very common talents across the globe. A number of people have grown with an inborn talent in singing while some have painstakingly taken time out to learn the art through voice lessons and proper coaching. However, compared to the plethora of people who have been blessed with this talent, only few have made a fortune out of it.

The music industry has evolved over time; nevertheless, it is still one of the hardest to break into as you need more than a good voice to make it as a musician. You require branding, marketing, and even sheer luck to make it as a musician. What we often neglect is that there are many ways to get paid to sing other than being a professional recording artist.

Here is a list of ways to get paid to sing:

  • Tutor younger aspiring singers
  • Sing at local bars and restaurants
  • Apply for back-up singing roles
  • Sing at kids parties
  • Sing covers of other people’s songs and post them on your monetized YouTube page
  • Perform at churches and wedding ceremonies
  • Be a karaoke host
  • Write songs for people
  • Start a band
  • Street singer
  • Be a recording artist
  • Classical music performer
  • Making music jingles for movies
  • Enter singing competitions

There are many more ways to get paid to sing and they need not be primary jobs. They could just be side jobs before you decide to advance to a fulltime career in music.

  • Dancing


Dancing is also another common hobby that people fail to utilize to its fullest capacity. The great part about dancing is that there are different types of dancing. Hence, depending on your preference, you can focus on one part and get paid to do it.

For example, as a ballet dancer, the kind of jobs you would get paid to dance for would be different from that which a hip-hop dancer will be required for.

Here are different ways with which you can get paid to dance:

  • Ballet dancing for classical and theatrical performances
  • Tap dancing for stage performances and bonfire events
  • Dancing for various types of corporate and casual events
  • Cultural dancing for tourists (e.g. Hawaii dancers or Spanish dancers)
  • Dancing tutor (e.g. teaching salsa to couples)
  • Music video dancers and vixens
  • Open your own dance studio
  • Street dancer
  • Dancing competitions
  • Get paid to dance through online platforms (e.g. net and dancers pro)
  • Dance for advert
  • Writing


There are too many ways to get paid to dance and thanks to the internet, even more are available. Even though there are professional writers, many others have used their writing skills to garner huge sums of money. Here are simple ways to get paid to write:

  • Write a book and sell it
  • Become a freelance writer
  • Ghost writing
  • Content creation
  • Make use of job boards to get clients
  • Write songs
  • Write columns for newspapers and magazines
  • Write short stories for clients
  • Write comics for cartoonists
  • Write scripts for movies
  • Own a blog and monetize it
  • Become a feature writer
  • Cooking


You did not think you could make money from your love for cooking? Well, you actually can! If you have great cooking skills, there are also many ways to make money from it. So rather than solely bless your family members and friends with your skills, you can make substantial amounts from cooking. Here are ways to get paid to cook:

  • Start a recipe blog
  • Show your cooking skills in videos and post on your monetized YouTube page
  • Work in a restaurant as a chef
  • Open your own small restaurant
  • Cook for a school or office canteen
  • Offer a food delivery service
  • Start a home cooked me delivery service
  • Cook or bake for weddings and parties
  • Operate a food truck
  • Get a column in a newspaper for cooking
  • Enter a cooking competition
  • Start a food review website
  • Talking

couple girl talking

Do you love to talk or can you talk well? Well there are also ways to make money from it. While I have never seen or heard someone say talking is my hobby or talent, I have seen many people start and build solid careers where they are basically required to talk. Here are ways to get paid to talk:

  • Become a TV or Radio host
  • Audition for radio adverts
  • Make podcasts on specific topics and sell them online
  • Get voice advert jobs
  • Public speaking appearances
  • Host a kiddies party
  • Network marketing and all other types of marketing
  • Get a customer service job at a call center
  • Start a vlog (video blog)
  • Adult chat services (e.g. mygirlfund and lipservice)
  • Start a talk show or forum

There are many more ways to get paid to do any of these hobbies or more. All you have to do is think outside the box.