According to twitter user YM Rigasa, a satanic step mother virtually demolished and dismantled this innocent little boy who is her step son. She cut his tongue, broke his arms and legs, damaged his right eye and castrated the poor child with a blade. The horrifying incident happened in Kano.

I can’t think clearly now because my mind boggles.

See more photos below and people’s horrified reactions



  1. this so called step mum does not even love the child’s father
    ,she likes his money and looks at the child like an obstacle preventing
    her to get enough of his money, so she expressed what must step mother’s
    will want to do but may not be able to gather enough courage to do what they
    she did. Men take this as a lesson when you go marrying more than one wife.
    however, there still some very good step mum’s out there. May God protect the poor boy