Help Me! How I Feel After Sleeping With My Cousin



A man has cried out for serious help after having [email protected]:’ with his own cousin in different places after she had problems with her boyfriend.

A man has been left torn after incredible [email protected]:’ with his cousin became addictive and now feels totally terrible.

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I had brilliant [email protected]:’ with my cousin while she was on a break from her boyfriend. I know she was free at the time but I feel really guilty about it now.

I’m 25 and she is 23. She has been going out with her boyfriend for three years. They were living together and I thought they were all set to get married. Then she called me and said it was all going wrong.

She desperately needed some space, so I said she could stay at my place for a while. It’s a one-bedroom flat but I said she could sleep in my bed and I’d sleep in the lounge. It worked well and we found we liked the same sort of music and films.

We both enjoy cooking and running and it was so cool to have someone to share these things with.

One day we went swimming and her bikini didn’t leave much to the imagination. She looked incredible.

We were messing about in the water. At first we were splashing around, then she jumped on to my shoulders for a piggy-back.

She could see I was really turned on and pretended to pull down my trunks so the whole world could see.

I got out of the pool and wrapped a towel round myself. She got out too and led me to a cubicle tucked well away at the side. We slipped inside and locked the door, then had wonderful [email protected]:’ that seemed to go on for hours.

After that day we looked out for new places for [email protected]:’. We had [email protected]:’ in the sauna, the park, the gym — and even in bed! It was out of this world.

Then she said that she had made a mistake.

She is now back with her boyfriend. I miss her a lot and I’m really confused. I feel like I’ve really done wrong but it was all her idea.


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