GUYS! Here’s how to make that girl fall in love with you sharp sharp (photos)


The male fashion is also firing its way up with different trends coming up, trends so far this year have been more dramatic than they have been for quite a while from casual, to official, to street the male fashion is dope.

Though some people are of the opinion that the male fashion is limited compared to the female fashion but even with the limited fashion pieces there are still new trends coming from the male fashion world, like cloths and shoes.


If your clothes and shoes  fit you properly, regardless of the price of the item it will always look like it was made for your body. Experimenting with new styles means that you get to understand what suits not just your body shape, but also your skin colour, lifestyle.

In terms of the type of clothes you buy, investing in pieces that are simple, classic and versatile allows you to not only justify an extravagant price tag as they will last you numerous seasons without ever going out of style but also means that the majority of the items in your wardrobe can be mixed and matched with minimal clashing.

For those that like to be stylish but do not know how to go about it or want to broaden their fashion sense, check out the outfits below

 how to make that girl fall in love with you

 how to make that girl fall in love with you