Gambians Cry out over 7 Nigerian Judges trying to keep Jammeh in Power (See List)

Yahyah Jammeh, Adama Barrow

Yahyah Jammeh, Adama Barrow

Yahyah Jammeh (left) has rejected Gambia election won by Adama Barrow (right)

Some Nigerian judges are allegedly currently working assiduously to ensure that Gambia’s President Yahyah Jammeh, who was defeated in a presidential election on December 1 by Adam Barrow, remains in power.

Sahara Reporters writes that this allegation was leveled against the judges, who are seven in number, by the Gambian Bar Association.

The association claimed in a statement that the head of the judiciary, Justice Emmanuel Fagbenle, a Nigerian national who is alleged very close to Jammeh, has imported Nigerian judiciary officials into Gambia to try to keep the defeated Jammeh in power.

The judges, they said, are:

1. Justice Agboola

2. Justice A.N.C. Ikoro

3. Justice Uduma

4. Justice E.E. Ogar

5. Justice E.O. Dada

6. Justice Sulaiman

7. Justice E.O. Otaba

The judges, the association claimed were appointed this year, 2016 with the sole aim of carrying out Jammeh’s will in the judiciary. The association expressed worries that this group of people are now working to ensure that Jammeh, who has rejected the result of the election after initially conceding defeat and calling Barrow, remains in office.

Sahara Reporters quoted the association as saying:

These persons have never been judges or sat in a judicial capacity. They were imported and appointed and have demonstrated in several high-profile judgments that they will not take any steps contrary to the will of the President.

It is, therefore, a vital priority for the Government of Nigeria and all Bar Associations to condemn the actions and capacity of all judges of foreign nationality currently sitting in Gambia and call for their immediate repatriation to prevent them from undermining the will of the Gambian people.