If you eat eggs regularly, these things start happening to your body (Must Read)


An egg is one of the best products you can get. They come ready-packed by the nature! These 7 benefits for your body are just too cool to miss!


Here is what happens to your body when you consume eggs:

Number 1: your cholesterol levels improve

For decades scientists cannot come to a single conclusion on cholesterol. They call it good, they call it bad and even the ugly. But the truth is you need it and eating eggs can balance up its levels. They are rich in good cholesterol. In fact, just one egg contains little over 200 mg of it. They are not only able to supply your daily norm, but also to balance its amount in the blood.

Number 2: you do not need to worry over having a heart stroke

This is one of the top reasons for people to die in the younger age. Again having a heart stroke is tightly related to the cholesterol levels in blood. If you eat eggs, you keep your heart healthy.

 heart stroke

Number 3: eggs build up your muscles

Surely, you won’t get fit by just eating and doing no workouts. However, eggs are rich in proteins and vitamins. They supply all the building blocks for your organ and muscle tissues. That’s why bodybuilders eat so many of them.

Number 4: they keep you healthy and infection resistant

Eggs have interferon in them. This is a special protein that our bodies create as a 911 response for infection. Eating this product boosts the immune powers of your body. And it also supplies the building blocks for your RDA – the selenium. Plus the nutrients in eggs keep your joints and bones healthy.

infection resistant

Number 5: they quench your sense of hunger

If you do not wish to overeat and gain extra pounds, eat 1 or 2 eggs and wait a short while. They satisfy your hunger well and prevent overeating.

Number 6: they keep the stress down

Eggs are rich with aminio acids. In fact, they have 9 of them! These acids are essential for your nerves and hormone production. They lower your level of stress and make you less anxious.

keep stress down

Number 7: they keep your teeth healthy

As you may know, teeth need much calcium to stay healthy. However, our bodies cannot digest it, unless they have enough of Vitamin D. Eggs are the natural source of the vitamin. So, they help you to absorb as much calcium as you need to have strong teeth and bones.

If you regularly consume this food, you stay healthy, active and happy for many years of your life.