Gender inequality is very common in our world. Where men live happily and safely, women dread for their lives and bitterly suffer. These countries are the most dangerous places for a woman to live in.

dangerous places for women

1. Congo

No one really thinks it’s important to protect women or think of their safety. In this country the most horrifying crimes are committed against ladies.

dangerous places for women

2. Afghanistan

Most women here are illiterate and have no rights, no property, nothing.


3. Somalia

They still commonly practice genital mutilation there and hurt women terribly.


4. India

Children (female ones) are often times trafficked here and women get gang raped, but no one is taking seriously.


5. Egypt

Sexual harassment is the norm there and women are considered to be the second class citizens with few rights.


6. Columbia

Government does not take any steps to protect women and they get easily assaulted, injured, raped or killed there.


7. Mexico

In this country a woman can become an easy victim of rape or sexual abuse. The authorities and police do not really think it’s a serious crime.