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By Lola Phillips… On this episode of ‘My Confession’, we speak with Demi (not real name), a 21-year-old who has only ever had anal [email protected]:’. Read on.


Hello, my name is Demi. I have chosen to share my secret because I will like other people’s take on this matter.

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How exactly does one define a V!rg!n? Is she a V!rg!n, even if all she has ever had is oral [email protected]:’? Or is penetrative [email protected]:’ the only type that counts?

Is there a certain requirement one must fulfill before claiming the V!rg!nity badge? Who makes the decision about who and who counts as a V!rg!n?

“I have a boyfriend I just started dating two months ago. He believes I am a V!rg!n because that was what I told him, but sometimes I am not sure.

“My ex-boyfriend and I regularly engaged in anal [email protected]:’ until we ended things. I fully wanted to wait until my wedding night but one thing led to another and…

“One Friday afternoon, I was spending some time at his place. As usual, we were kissing and touching and things started to heat up.

“He was a very good kisser and knows how to touch me the right way. He stroked my [email protected]$ts in a way that turned me on and his mouth on my N!ppls nearly drove me crazy.

“He then reached down to put his fingers inside me. I made to stop him but he kept insisting. Eventually, I managed to turn around so my back was turned to him and I was lying on my stomach.

“He did not try to force me back but began giving me a back massage. This relaxed me and I felt safe since he was not trying to reach my [email protected]!na.

“Soon, his massages started to turn me on and when he started stroking my ass, I started feeling the pleasure build. He slowly pulled down my panties and began innocently rubbing my ass. It felt really good.

“I did not even notice when he unzipped and brought out his dick. I felt the tip between my butt-cheeks, but at this time, I was too horny to stop him.

“I let him stroke his dick against my ass hole and it was a good feeling. He started making his way into my tight ass hole little by little and I was really enjoying the pleasure and pain mixed together.

“He lifted me by the waist so my knees were on the ground and I was on all fours. He soon grabbed my waist for behind and began slowly entering me.

“I wanted to fight him off, I really did, but his dick was feeling too good in there. The experience did not last very long though because he came a few minutes after.

“We laid together and did not talk about it. Since then, anal became a regular with us. We did not even have a discussion about it, we just kept doing it. I felt my V!rg!nity was safe so I did not worry.

“We broke up a year after, and now I am with this new guy.

“Should I bring this up or do I let him continue to believe I have no [email protected]:’ual experience? He is willing to wait with me, and there is no way he will ever find out about my anal [email protected]:’ experience. I am thinking of just keeping it a secret.”

So, take the poll below, and let us know what you think.

Ladies, would you tell your boyfriend if you were the one?

And guys, how would you feel if you were told this by a girl?  Will you still consider her a V!rg!n?


  1. I appreciate truth than lie. Tell me the truth about your past, if I can withstand it, we continue with the relationship and if I cannot bear it, we call it a day before it goes too far. After all, no one without past. Men no longer fancy virginity these days; what is important is trusting each other. If you are not sure, call his attention to it and he will reason with you if he truly loves you.