He buys holiday packages for his wife and mistress. Read what Happened


A husband buys two holiday packages, for his wife and his mistress, to the same resort. Two weeks later the wife comes back, with plenty of emotions to share and a million photos to show.


“This is Cathy, my roommate”, she says to her husband, “And this is Mary. We’ve been chatting at breakfast a lot.”

Suddenly, the husband notices his mistress in one of the photos.

“Who is she?”

“This is Sandy. She was such a floozy! She never slept in the hotel. There was a new man with her every day”

The husband doesn’t say a word. A couple days later he meets his mistress. She’s got plenty of photos and emotions too. She shows a picture of the wife.

“Who is she?”, the husband asks.

“Oh, it’s Winnie. Such a great woman! We called her to go to the cafe, park, and barbecue, to do sights. No way! She was with her husband and never left him.”