An Evil Spirit Comes To Sleep With Me At Night In My Room – Woman Confesses


A woman has opened up about a horrifying experience she is going through in her life with an evil spirit at night.

The woman identified as a South African from KwaMakhutha kasi, south of Durban, has made a shocking claim.


She is claiming that a tokoloshe (an evil spirit) has s*x with her at night.

She also claims that her boyfriend’s baby mama from rural Umbumbulu is bewitching her.

Daily Sun SA reports that the 27-year-old woman revealed she has been with her boyfriend since 2010. She said she knew that he had a baby boy (6) with his previous girlfriend.

She said ever since her boyfriend paid damages to the baby mama’s family in 2013, she’s been having bad dreams.

“The baby mama thought she could win him over when he paid damages to her family, but that was only for the child. Ever since then, a tokoloshe (evil spirit) bonks me at night and I wake up tired and wet the next morning. I also have nightmares sometimes.”

She said she decided to move to Gamalakhe in Port Shepstone last month.

“The nightmares were getting worse and I decided to move to another area, but I’m still suffering. My boyfriend and I decided to consult a spiritual healer last month. The healer revealed that the baby mama was casting spells on me.”

She said the healer gave her holy water to sprinkle in her rented room when she sleeps at night.

“The healer also advised me to sleep with a Bible next to me. The bad dreams only stopped for a few days. But on Saturday I woke up totally Nakked. When I tried to reach for the Bible, it wasn’t there.”

Sazi Mhlongo of the South African Traditional Healers Association said the woman should stop accusing the baby mama and consult a powerful inyanga for help.