All The Wahala That Comes With Having A Bestfriend (Photos)


1. When your mom sees both of you gisting and laughing and you try to explain you’re just friends.

“All other girls have girls as their friends, it’s only your own that is different!”

2. When you have to tell people you’re not dating for the thousandth time.

I’m done. Just done.

3. How his girlfriend starts shouting when she sees you with him.

Madam you need to calm down!

4. When your bestie is in a relationship but they’re trying to block your own destiny.

Nawa! Are you an agent of the devil?

5. How you console them when they’re heartbroken.

But did I not warn you?

6. When you start liking them by mistake.

Ewwwww!!! How did this happen o?

7. When you get priority treatment and their girlfriend is vexing.

I’ve known him since before they born you, so shut up my fren!

8. How you have to convince your potential boyfriend your relationship is innocent.

Uncle, we are just friends o!

9. Your face when people say you should ‘just date now’.

Will you gerrarahia?

10. When they get into a fight with their girlfriend, and she comes to meet you to help them settle it.

Jesus will fix it for you ma!