The signboards you are about to see are from restaurants and bars in Nigeria and around the world, and they will surely make you laugh out loud.

1. First we found this signboard of a Suya spot, that claims that suya makes it possible for men to meet women.

Suya spot Suya spot

We still have not tested the theory propounded here, but we will soon.

2. The spelling errors in this restaurant signboard are really scary. We wonder how the cooking will be.

RestaurantLiking finger restaurant

The Lord is truly our ‘stranth’.

3. Then this bar that call itself a drinking office, which is like the best name ever.

Drinking officeDrinking office

Is life easy? Of course not.

4. The people in these restaurant are either cannibals or slave traders. Ordinary leaving children unattended?

Funny restaurant sign about Children
Funny restaurant sign about children

You cannot leave your children unattended in this restaurant at all.

5. The people that own this restaurant obviously have no chill.


Push and Pull sign at a restaurant

Some Nigerians might still spend the day pushing and pulling this door.

6. There are a million ways to say, smoking kills, this restaurant found one very funny way.

Smoking kills
Smoking kills is obviously the moral of this sign

You can get cancer, but leave the cockroaches out of it please.

7. There is no truer and more honest signboard than this one.

Restaurant signRestaurant sign that literally begs for customers

Please if you are in the area, eat at this restaurant, so we do not starve.

8. The owners of this Chinese restaurant are fed up and they decided to show it on their signboard

Chinese restaurant signThe owners of this Chinese restaurant are obviously frustrated

Please we haven’t seen your cat, stop asking us.

9. This restaurant signboard is quite an inspiration for plus size people and really funny.

Restaurant signsRestaurant sign for fat people

Fat people this way please. We have lots and lots of food for you.