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Policemen all over the world have different traits. The problem-solvers, the investigators, the heroes, the honorable, the corrupt, the protectors and many more.

Ghana has all kinds of Policemen you will encounter on the road. Here’re a few of them we’ve taken note of.

 Types Of Police Men You’re Likely To Encounter On The Streets Of Ghana

1. The Helper

These are the types who are very generous and still go by the Police code, to serve and protect. These do not throw their dignity under the bus for a some coins.

 Types Of Police Men You’re Likely To Encounter On The Streets Of Ghana


2. The By-Force Collector

These types will use every means to collect something from you. Even if you haven’t committed any offense.


3. The Car Key Snatcher

These types are every commercial driver‘s worst nightmare, at the slight offense, they’ll take your license or car key and bounce off. You’d have to search for him and as usual wet his palms before you are given it back.

crying man


4. The Accuser

This type will do anything to take some chobo from you. They’ll go the extent of forging a crime on you to get you to pay them.

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5. The Threatener

All this type knows is “follow me to the station“, whatever you say will fall on deaf ears. They’ll use every means to threaten until you give in.



6. The Hide & Seek Policemen

It’s amazing but these types of policemen are excellent at playing hide-and-seek, usually with drivers. Instead of commanding control on the road, they’ll hide somewhere, waiting for drivers to make an offense so they’ll barge in on you.



7. The No Ko Fio Police Officer

This type do not care about your offense and never bother checking your particulars, their favorite sentence is “anything for the boys“. Whether you’ve offended or not, you must have something for the boys.

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8. The Good Policeman

Not all of them are bad, some are really very good at their job and make sure it’s done well. They’ll help when needed, assist and protect when needed and really do take charge like the police are supposed to do. Don’t you just love Ghana police?