Nigerian Politicians
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If there’s anything we know too well about elections in Nigeria, we know it comes with a lot of drama and fanfare.

Image: Asukwo EBImage: Asukwo EB

There’s the political party trying to get the seat in the country, state or constituency and there’s also the candidate who’s trying to win. And of course, there are rivals, so everyone has to do what they have to do. Recently, the politicians have resorted to sharing things that you really didn’t think they would.

Here are five of the most hilarious we’ve seen:

1. Indomie

In 2013, a sachet of Indomie was given to voters in Anambra state.

Image: Osun DefenderImage: Osun Defender

2. Akara

In 2016, Edo voters were given free Akara during the gubernatorial elections.

Image: The News NGImage: The News NG

3. Rice

In Ekiti state, bags of rice were given out during the elections in 2014. A year after, rice was shared to the 36 states in the country towards the presidential elections.

Image: Bio ReportsImage: Bio Reports

4. Soap

Soaps were given out in Imo state in 2015.

Image: NairalandImage: Nairaland

5. Yam

Towards the presidential elections of 2015, Nigerians were given tubers of yam.

Image: Nigerian Eye

Image: Nigerian Eye

Which other ones do you know?