5 Most Common Types Of Commentators On YouTube Videos (Pics)

YouTube Videos

There are a lot of things that make it all fun but nothing cracks people up better than the user comments.

YouTube comments are lauded as some of the craziest on the entire internet. Bigotry is abound, people clash constantly and practically nobody can spell correctly. Here are some of the interesting ones you are likely to come across each day.

1. The late comer

Comment: Who else is watching this in September 2016 like me?

They discover everything after everyone else has. Then they ask around to see if they are alone You’ll find such comments on videos posted three to ten years ago.

shut-ya-mouth meme


2. The hater

Comment: ‘What a waste of my bundles’ or “I’ve just wasted five minutes of my life that i will never get back.’

Haters are usually pumped up with unnecessary feelings. Haters might not have enjoyed a videos much as they have hoped so they end up thinking it’s the uploader’s fault that they spent their own time and bundles on things that don’t matter. Such YouTubers will be bashing anything about anyone involved in the video including their looks and employment status

Respeck memeImage: IFunny.co

3. The staunch fan

Comment: Why would anyone even dislike this video?

They believe everyone else should like something just because they like it. Hardcore fanboys are some of the most common people on YouTube. Whatever you do, don’t try to get into an argument with these people. You will never win.

Adonbilivit/Idonbilivit memeImage: MemeGenerator

4. The roll-call person

Comment: Raise your hands if you watching from Kenya like me

These are the same kind of people that like being in chamas and Whatsapp groups. They can’t just function alone. They have to be around people to feel safe. If they see that all the comments are from white people, they will look around for some fellow Kenyans on the comment section

Black women friends

Image: HuffingtonPost

5. The nostalgic person

Comment: I miss the old Diamond, Beyonce, Wizkid………. Bla, bla bla (insert whatever musician you know whose style has changed)

This person thinks a certain artiste used to be good but is disappointed with their idol’s latest efforts. Guess what? I miss playing cha baba na cha mama too but that can’t happen anymore can it? Times change. People grow older and evolve. Diamond can‘t sing the way he used to in 2011.

missImage: memegenerator.net