4 Manchester United players caught having extra-marital affairs (Photos)

Manchester United players

Manchester United are a club who pride themselves on ethos and family, but it seems some of the players have failed the club.

We are looking at those who cheated while married – so cheating on partners or girlfriend does not count. Sorry Cristiano Ronaldo!

Here are four past and present Manchester United players caught having extra-marital affairs.

1. Ryan Giggs

Probably the most ‘notorious cheater’ ever. Ryan had an eight year affair with Natasha Giggs, wife of his brother Rhodri.

The affair was first revealed in June 2011 when Rhodri’s wife Natasha admitted an eight-year affair with the former winger.

Natasha also said she had aborted Ryan’s baby just weeks before she got married to Rhodri in Las Vegas.

She decided to go public in 2011 after Ryan Giggs’ attempted to place a gagging order on Big Brother star Imogen Thomas after their six-month affair ended.

Rhodri Giggs, Natasha Giggs, Ryan GiggsRhodri Giggs, Natasha Giggs, Ryan Giggs

Who ever knew Giggs is a player on and off the pitch!

2. Wayne Rooney 

Back in 2010, Rooney was reported as having cheated on his pregnant wife Coleen Rooney, a TV personality.

According to The Daily Mirror (UK), Rooney paid for ­secret hotel sex sessions with a £1,000-a-night prostitute. The Manchester United and England icon slept with brunette Jennifer Thompson, 21, seven times over four months.

Wayne RooneyWayne Rooney

He later admitted to his affair and had to apologise to his wife.

3. Anthony Martial 

Moving to England in 2015 after signing with United, Martial was the apple of many women eyes. He was cute and has a very cool composure about his ways.

Weekend’s top 5 betting tips, cup finals galore!Anthony Martial

Story claims Martial, 20, was dumped by Samantha his former wife earlier this year after reports that he had enjoyed relations with a wannabe reality TV star during a trip to Paris.

France international Martial has recently started seeing Melanie Da Cruz.

At also emerged that during his marriage to Samantha cheated on his wife during a weekend in Paris with singer and model Emily Wademan, 24.

Anthony Martial, 20, pictured with his former wife Samantha
Anthony Martial, 20, pictured with his former wife Samantha

Wademan says they went on a romantic walk around Paris before taking her back to a hotel room to a night of steamy hot sex.

4. Marcos Rojo 

Early in 2016, Rojo lost a court battle to stop a woman he cheated on his wife with revealing his name.

A judge initially granted the footballer anonymity after his lawyers accused Sarah Watson of “blackmailing” him by saying she would sell her story to a newspaper unless they paid her £100,000 but the rule was eventually overturned.

As it transpired, Rojo was said to have Watson met during a Christmas party at a Manchester club on 15 December last year where he took her number.

Watson told a court that the Argentinian, who has a wife and two-year-old daughter, did not tell her he was married and later invited her to a party at friend Kristian Bereit’s flat.

Marcos Rojo Marcos Rojo

Watson performed oral sex on him while four other Premier League players present repeatedly walked into the room and attempted to watch the act.

The pair never met again but a month later they exchanged sexual messages containing explicit images and a video of Mr Rojo masturbating.