15 Thoughts You Get When You Finally Meet Your Online Crush In Real Life (Photos)

Online Crush

When it comes to hooking up online, everybody’s done it. While I know some of you  have had hookups that were super hot, some of us had hookups that made us question our intelligence.

With apps such as Tinder and even Instagram, more and more people are hooking up online. But when you finally meet that person, things can either go well or downhill.

Here are feelings we get when we finally meet that online crush in real life:

1. Wow, is that them?

mejja peepingImage: Kenyanngomaz.blogspot.com

2. They don’t look as good as they do in their pictures.


3. Or…they look better than in their pictures.


4. I think I made a mistake, what was I thinking?

Black man saying no gif

Image: Now-Here-This.TimeOut

5. Wow..this person is fun.

image: giphy.comimage: giphy.com

6. What kind of vibe I’m I giving off?

kind eyes gif

7. They don’t sound as good as they do in texts.

Olivia Pope wine gifimage: Giphy

8. Why is he/she so shy?

Judging You Gif

9. He/she is looking at me funny. 

Chilling Gif

10. I can’t wait for this date to end.

sleep fall gif

Image: Giphy

11. I am glad I hollad at them.

image: giphy.comimage: giphy.com

12. Wow…it’s like we’ve known each other for ages. 

Image: wifflegif.com

Image: wifflegif.com

13. We have nothing in common.

Image: Gif FinderImage: Gif Finder

14. That silence was awkward. 


15. That was awesome. 


Did this bring back memories of that date with a person you met online?