14 Things Our Mothers Used To Beat The Heavens Out Of Us That Gave Us Nightmares (Photos)


If you were a knucklehead like me, then “beatings” was definitely your middle name during your adolescence.


Sure we are old now, but the thought of catching some serious whoopings from mommy still haunts some of us. Our mothers loved us, but tough love was the order of the day. We cried and wailed when she beat us but survived and turned out just fine, you can even attribute part of your success to those beatings, right?


If  you were a no so good kid growing up, then you definitely encountered some of these objects at some point in your upbringing.

1. The Ultimate Slap.

I don’t even have to say much here.



2. And It’s Twin Brother – Backhand.



3. The Slippery Bathroom Slippers.

This is more than a footwear, it was our mother’s weapon of choice, they didn’t have to go far to find one.



4. The Magic Broomstick.

You can find it at pretty much every corner of the house, so when it came time for whooping it was the perfect object to sweep our bad ass away.


5. And It’s Cousin – The Magic Stick.

canes in ghana


6. The Dangerous Belt.

I don’t know about you but I still have marks on my back from this bad boy. When they came out, you knew you have fucked up!

Photo: DHGatePhoto: DHGate


7. The Dark Wooden Spoon.

We had a love and hate affair with this one. It made some of the best meals at home as well as the best tears dripping down our cheeks.



8. The Karate Tree Branch.

If you had a fruit like Mango or Pear in your yard then this was your worse enemy.

tree branch


9. The Ruler Is Back.

This was no fun at all, especially when the edges meet your skull.

wooden ruler


10. The Remote Control.

As long as the object had a nice firm grip, you will get hit with it.

remote controlImage: NnGroup


11. The Terrible Towel.

This is probably why some of us hate bathing as a kid.

Image: Amazon
Image: Amazon


12. The Mean Sponge.

Bath sponges netImage: TheStudentRoom


13. The Shocking Electric Cable.

Especially the detaching ones…oh lawd!

pressing iron


14. The Stubborn Coat Hanger.

Image: livingvintageco.comImage: livingvintageco.com

Through all the pain and the agony, I think I speak for all when I say “mommy we are glad you beat our bad asses”!