14 Everyday Things You Have Probably Been Doing Wrongly (Photos)


We all have a normal routine of doing things. Maybe one that we learned from our parents or just grew into. But what if I told you that you have been doing some of these everyday things wrong all your adult life?

Prepare to be surprised:

1. Peeling a banana

lady banana mouth

Raise your hand if you peel your banana from the stem going downwards. I’m sure you have even found yourself biting the stem off when it just wouldn’t cooperate *you may put your hand down now* well that’s the wrong way to peel a banana. The right way to do it is like the monkeys. Simply pinch the top side with your thumb and index finger and the peel will pop.

2. Crossing off a mistake

You’re filling in a form, say at a government office. You make a mistake. The first instinct is to cross off the mistake with several lines right? Wrong. The right way is to hide the mistake using letters. Simply scribble other letters on top of the mistake to prevent anyone from trying to read it.

Image: Gifs MeImage: Gifs Me

3. Eating an apple

Even iOS didn’t get this one right. An apple is supposed to be eaten from top to bottom and not by making a big first bite on the side.

Image: trendatory.comImage: Trendatory.com

4. Eating a burger

Ahhh we all know how messy eating a burger can be. It’s actually number one on my ‘what not to eat on a first date’ list. A majority of us hold the burger with our thumbs at the bottom and the four fingers supporting the top. The proper way though is to place the thumbs and small fingers at the bottom while the remaining three fingers support the top. This will prevent the condiments from slipping out and save you from that whole messy burger situation.

Image: pinterest.comImage: Pinterest.com

5. Pooping

Let me guess. Your normal way of taking a dump is sitting on the toilet, comfortably while lurking on the gram as you finish your business? Well, the right way to do it is by squatting albeit it doesn’t make sense to squat on a modern toilet how awkward would that be? Experts suggest that you should step on something raised which will be equivalent to being in the squatting position for an easy poop.

Image: jezebel.com
Image: Jezebel.com

6. Pronouncing the word Nutella

Can you believe it’s new-te-lla and not nah-te-lla? Neither could I …

steve harvey gifsImage: giphy.com

7. Packing clothes in a suitcase

Travel junkies, to create more space, you should roll your clothes instead of folding them.

Image: goodhousekeeping.com
Image: GoodHouseKeeping.com

8. Tying shoe laces

Shoelaces should be tied in a horizontal bow shape to prevent them from getting untied quickly.

Image: Global logicImage: Global logic

9. Holding pizza

Don’t lift up the pizza like a piece of paper. Gently fold the wider part a bit while eating to prevent the toppings from falling off.

Image: seriouseats.comImage: SeriouSeats.com

10. Squeezing out toothpaste that’s almost finished

We have all had that desperate moment of trying to squeeze out that last bit of the toothpaste. Eh some people go extra lengths and even cut the tube and insert the toothbrush into the tube. The easy way is to simply squeeze the remaining bit using a bobby pin.

Image: gabworthy.comImage: gabworthy.com

11. Wearing bobby pins

Speaking of bobby pins, ladies, ever wondered why the bobby pins never seem to stay in position all day long? That’s cause we put them the bumpy side up instead of the straight side up.

Image: envebeauty.blogspot.com
Image: Envebeauty/Blogspot.com

12. Holding a wine glass

Use your index finger and your thumb to hold the stem of the glass. This is to prevent the wine from getting warm.

Things You Have Probably Been Doing WronglyImage: Pinterest.com

13. Slicing a watermelon

Image: Pinterest.com
Image: Pinterest.com

14. Making a sandwich

Are you one of those people who makes a sandwich and the cheese and brawn always peek at the edges of the bread? I feel you man. Here’s the solution to that problem…

Things You Have Probably Been Doing WronglyImage: Pinterest.com

I bet you have learned a thing or two huh? But … to each his own!