11 Characters In Every Group Of Girlfriends (Photos)

Every Group Of Girlfriends

Let’s face it, every group of girlfriends has the following:

1. The diva

This is the kind that probably grew up in the country-side and moved to the city to study and just recently upgraded her dusty ass to the diva status. She acts all that but she really isn’t. In fact, chances are, she cannot even pronounce Givenchy correctly.


2. Miss outdoorsy

Miss outdoorsy cannot stand weekends in the house. She will be out there rock climbing, taking drives out of town, trail biking in the forest, kite surfing. she also has a banging body thanks to being so sporty. She’s the ultimate adrenaline chaser. You lurk through her Facebook and come across photos of her bungee jumping in South Africa and the likes …

Every Group Of GirlfriendsImage: Pinterest.com

3. The party girl

The party girl is uber fun! She knows her way through nearly all the best night clubs and even toughest bouncers. She even has a breakdown of the ones with offers, karaoke, hot guys, etc. She likes her booze too and if she doesn’t end up blacking out at the end of the night, she ends up with a cracked phone screen or no phone at all.

Image: Pinterest.comImage: Pinterest.com

4. The bitch

Remember the movie Mean Girls? The bitch is typical Regina George! She’s mean for no reason. But we all people with bitcheosis syndrome have a low self esteem and need to belittle others to make themselves feel better.


5. The career girl

She’s well educated probably has a masters from the UK, a nice accent, dresses in nice suits and has a to-die-for job as a big shot in marketing, finance or real estate. She’s the one always sending us contacts for jobs or hooking us up with interview opportunities and telling us to send our CV for her to “see what she can do”.

Image: News247Image: News247

6. The mother goose

Whether or not she has a baby, she just naturally has motherly instincts. She will take care of the drunk lot on nights out, make sure everyone got home safe, if there’s a sleep over she will prepare dinner and she’s there to kick your but when she discovers that you’re talking to the ex that broke your heart.

ghanaian mom mother

7. The funny one

This is the intrepid extrovert. The life of the party. She’s always up to something cheeky. She’s the one that will dance funny-don’t-care moves in the club and make everyone laugh at the house party. She’s chill a.f and everyone loves her.

Image: Pinterest.comImage: Pinterest.com

8. The fashionista

Her dress up and dress down game is always too strong. She’s the one you go to for advise on what to wear to a friend’s wedding or dinner party.

cold shoulder trendImage: StylePantry

9. The gold digger

The one probably dating a loaded married man. Always has a 20 inch weave on, nails done, drives a flashy car and lives in a suburban area. She only hangs out with the rest of the clique when she’s in town; she’s a globe trotter on someone’s pocket.


10. Miss mysterious

Nobody knows too much about her. She frequently does disappearing acts when you hang out together, she will excuse herself to pick her calls, she talks less and listens more. Miss mysterious keeps her private private. This is the kind that refers to their boyfriend with a nickname like ‘Mr. B’ you all know he exists but ya’ll have never met him.


11. The married friend

She’s the one we all go to when we need boyfriend advise. She’s the one whose child makes our ovaries bounce a little and makes us look forward to getting married cause she makes it seem so effortless.

Image: Kemi FilaniImage: Kemi Filani

Which girlfriend are you?