10 Types Of Dancers You Will Definitely Find At Nigerian Parties (Photos)

Nigerian Parties

Nigerians love to party.

Nigerians know how to have a great time at parties, especially on the dancefloor. They know how to boogie down and shake it up and do all the latest dance moves.

After jollof rice and small chops, the next reason people attend Owambes is to have a great time on the dance floor and groove to the DJ or live band’s music. Here are some of the types of dancers you will find at Nigerian parties.

1. The party rider

These ones know all the latest songs, lyrics and dance moves, and you can tell that they love parties. They are usually the life of the party and people pause to watch them do their thing.

Image- nairalandImage- NairaLand

2. The hyperactive dancer

This one thinks it’s a dance competition and is always doing the most complex moves and running around the dance floor. They’re usually happier than the celebrants sef.

Image- facebookImage- Facebook

3. The seat groovers

These ones dance on their seats,  quietly sway to the music, sip their drinks and observe everyone else who is dancing. Even if you try and drag them to the dance floor, they would always decline.

Image- national geographic Image- NationalGeographic

4. The Beyonce

You can tell that these ones are regular at various night clubs. They hold nothing back and do all the risque and sexy moves.


Image: BellaNaija

5. The sidesteppers

These ones are the big men and women who just come to the dance floor to acknowledge the celebrant and spray money. Their dance moves are very reserved and classy and they usually just sway from side to side.

Image- bellanaijaImage- Bellanaija

6. The groovy couple

If it’s a wedding you might come across the hip and groovy couple who leave everyone in awe of their dance moves.


Image: BellaNaija

7. The sprayers

Their main aim on the dance floor is to spray people with crisp naira notes. They might occasionally burst into vigorous dance moves when they are being praised by the live band.

Image: BellaNaijaImage: BellaNaija

8. The money pickers.

These ones are usually ‘mogbo moyas‘ and they are just on the dance floor to get as many naira notes as they can. The only dance move you catch them doing is ‘komole’ so they can stealthily pick money from the ground when they think nobody is watching.

Wedding komole danceImage- YorubaSwag

9. The Snapchat and selfie gang

These ones are there for the bomb selfies and snap stories. Their phone is always raised with them taking lots of selfies and recording videos.

Image- Nigerian weddingsImage- Nigerian weddings

10. The lit squad

This is usually a group of friends who turn up on the dance floor and have loads of fun with each other.

Image- Nigerian weddings

Image- Nigerian weddings

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