10 stylish outfits for Nigerian women who work in offices (Photo)


There are amazing clothes that could be worn by ladies who are actively employed; it could be a major challenge finding clothes that are appropriate for office environments and at the same time chic enough to portray an individual style and personality.



Depending on what your office environment looks like, you may not be at liberty to dress as you please in order not to give clients the wrong impression about your working place. It is also essential for you to represent the company well and be happy with whatever outfit you settle down for.

We have lots of women in the society who retain their fashion sense while going about their everyday activities; they are savvy and beautiful women who have a grasp of the fashionable trends in the society and settle for the good styles that suit their personalities and jobs without violating the working ethics there.

It is sad seeing people wear outfits that are inappropriate to their offices; some wear clothes that would show too much flesh and confuse the clients who see them. Some do not do well as they wear regular clothes fit for weekends and house chores.

The stylish outfits that would be displayed here would show you how you could dress to a formal environment and still be hot enough to turn heads outside the professional environment. Find below some of the stylish outfits for Nigerian women:

1. Simply elegant


You can never get it wrong when you wear a dress like this to the office. Nigerian women should be mindful of their shapes when they are trying out a dress like this. If your stomach is not flat, then do not bother.

2. Simple


A simple blouse like this would come out well on a black skirt. Wearing an outfit like this would make a woman fit into any working space.

3. Black and white


This outfit could fit some working environments; it is essential for you to know the dos and don’ts of your office before you launch your fashion idea.

4. Chic


This fits the office environment as well as outside it. Rocking an outfit like this would always give you bouts of confidence.

5. Classic


This is a stylish outfit for those who are bold. What you wear says a lot about your personality.

6. So on point


An outfit like this would make you represent your company well, after a long day at work you would still look great if you decide to cool off and drop your guards.

7. She nailed it


Having a coat draped over your shoulders like this while going to the office says a lot about your fashion sense. You may be more comfortable working in your office space with a snuggly outfit and not feel the same comfort when you are walking on the road. This coat will save you a great deal.

8. Add colours


Add some colours to your outfit as you dress up for the day. Do not be afraid of trying out different colours if you want to be fashionable while being professional.

9. Beautiful


A dress that sticks to the right places would no doubt look good on you both within and outside your working space. This is one of the stylish outfits Nigerian women should embrace, dressing like this would make you look smart.

10. Stylish


This is stylish outfit that would turn heads in the office as well as outside it. The pictures displayed would no doubt leave you inspired and help you improve your fashion sense when it comes to dressing up for the office.

Most of the pictures were gotten from @Africans_onpoint.

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