If you’re a tourist in Ghana and really want to have a life-changing experience, these are some of the things and places we will recommend you do or visit.

1. Visit Manhyia Palace

After taking a tour through the Manhyia Palace, your life will never be the same. You get to know more about the history of a wonderful tribe that has brought this country to where it is today. Although there are many tribes in Ghana, Ashantis are the few who were considered recalcitrant in the colonial era and never kowtowed to the British rule. They also have a long history that dates back to Egypt and you get to also learn a lot about their culture and principles of life. Ashantis also hold in high esteem royalty, a visit to the palace will give you a clearer picture.

Photo: GirlMeetsGhana/WordpressPhoto: GirlMeetsGhana/Wordpress


2. Taste Our Local Foods

If you’re in Ghana as a visitor and only thrive on continental foods, something you’re already used to, then you’ve not visited Ghana at all. Our cuisine is one of a kind and the world knows how healthy it is. One dish can contain all the six food groups like Waakye, ask of all the ingredients that go into it, when you’re done you might want to try Red Red.

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3. Visit Nzulezu

When in Ghana, one of the places you need to visit is Nzulezu, the only place in Ghana where the whole town is sits on a river. Set your imagination at work if you’ve not been there before.

Image: GhanaRisingImage: GhanaRising

4. Visit Kakum National Park

This is the only place where you will find the Canopy Walkway, one of it’s kind in the whole of Africa.



5. Experience At Least One Festival

There are many tribes in Ghana and every tribe have its own special festivals that talks a lot about the history of the people. During these festivals, tribesmen from across the world all gather to celebrate it. If you’re in Ghana and you’ve never experienced a festival then you might want to speak to your agent to check the calendar that will coincide with a festival the next time you visit and be a part of it.


6. Visit Paga

This is the only town in Ghana where the wild live in harmony with humans. There is a crocodile pond where visitors can actually sit on the crocodile and it will not harm you, all you will need is a live chicken.

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7. Learn At Least One Traditional Dance

There are many traditional dances in Ghana and learning one will be a souvenir for you. Who knows, you might end up creating a new dance from our traditional dance, something the world always does.

Photo Credit: Laura HajarPhoto Credit: Laura Hajar

8. Get Yourself Some Souvenirs From The North

The Northern part of Ghana is blessed with a lot of beautiful handmade crafts that you might want to have your hands on and they are relatively cheap. A leather bag from the North has more quality than renowned brands.

9. Learn Ghanaian Pidgin

Yes! Ghana is an English speaking country but we do have our own English, commonly called Pidgin English, it sounds similar to the Jamaican Patois. You might just want to get familiar with Ghana’s broken English/pidgin English.

10. Follow All The Slave Routes In Ghana

Ghana has a long history of slavery and there was a route that led finally to the sea all the way from the North. You might want to embark on this journey to discover how slavery happened.

Image: EMazeImage: EMaze